Sunday, January 10, 2010


So. Obviously The painting a day thing didn't pan out for several reasons. Mainly my last semester of school was crazy, also I have two kids so - well do I even need to go on.Right this second I am ignoring the child who is supposed to be asleep wandering around because - well because I am just not in the mood to pull some supernanny business right now.

After I stopped keeping up with the paintings and blogs I was trying to pretend I never blogged before. Then I watched Julie & Julia and who isn't inspired to blog after watching that movie. Then I thought about completely erasing all of my old entries or just starting a new blog all together. Instead I am just going to keep the old ones there to remind me not to make such lofty goals. My new years resolution was to blog once a week, and yea it's technically been more than a week since new years, but I think the biggest thing I want to learn this year is how to improve the aspects of my life that frustrate me without frustrating myself with impossible goals. I will not have an immaculate house. I will not lose 3 pounds a week, but I can do the dishes every day. I just want to spend this year finding that balance in everything so here we go- bring it on 2010

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