Friday, August 7, 2009

Stupid Bolsheviks

Here i present to you my tweets for the day -In order

1:09 pm- Watching SYTYCD Finale. Jon just poured me a giant Screwdriver.
1:09 pm-I think he wants me to chill out
2:15 pm-@jennytornado ordering the sytycd workout videos woo
5:53 pm Just sold paulo's crib which makes me a little sad but also happy because i am good at selling stuff woo
7:46 pm who wants to come over and watch me fold laundry . it's going to be awesome
7:I also will be making workout videos from marilyn monroe movies.

wow my life is a thrill o minute-i am almost inspired never to tweet again- I will just imagine william shatner reading these and feel less boring- unitl social networking returns ttyl

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