Sunday, July 26, 2009

day three jennylynn2

Before I start talking about this picture can I just tell you my kids were driving me insane while i was painting this. My son ( who is 2) would not go to sleep and it was past midnight when i started. So i am reconsidering the feasability of doing a painting every night i think i might do the painting one night and post the painting the next. I also wrote out a basic schedule so hopefully that will help. This summer has just been insane. The whole sleep schedule has been all over the place for everybody. The problem is that i never know how to change routines when something new happens. Usually once i do finally get the routine down another variable changes and everything goes out the window. Like if i get a schedule down now it is going to be chaos when i start school again. It's kind of like when new years comes and you have to write the new year on everything and you keep forgetting and then finally towards the end of the year you get used to it and then its the new year.ha. well anyway I will try this new schedule and report on the progress. Wow this whole blogging thing might help me follow through on my plans for once.

so on to the painting. I love these pictures of my friend Jenny. This is the second one I have painted ( the first one is listed here- entry pending) You can look at the listing to see the details about her and the photographer because i don't want to be repetitive ( and I want to force you to look at the listing). Pin-ups are just another one of my favorites the same as icons. I just can't get over how attractive they are and in this not overtly sexual way. it's totally the same with these pictures of Jenny. In fact that was one of my challenges in painting it was figuring out what exactly makes this picture sexy. I basically tried to focus on the hip to waist ratio and the scale of her heels. Making that car black ended up taking quite a while because the paper just soaks up black and i had to really layer it on like tammy faye with mascara ( r.i.p. tammy) A couple of my favorite features of the painting were actually accidental. The effect of the inside back of the car where the paint sort of blurs but is thick on the end happened when i got alot of excess water on the paper and then i accidentally dropped it and the paint just oozed down the paper. At first i was like OMG grrr but then it looked really amazing. unfortunately the effect is almost impossible to duplicate. I don't want to ramble on too much tonight so I will end there for today. I am taking a night off from painting because my house looks like the cranberries " Zombie" video and if i want to implement the new schedule it has to be tip top ( plus the in laws might visit tommorrow - did you know my mother-in-law is a cleaning lady. no pressure) Oh if only i had mary poppins.
ok here is the listing if you want to check it out

Also-Anyone know how i can tell how many people look at my blog- I feel like a radio dj right now- helloooo is anyone out there

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  1. There are things you can install to watch who is visiting and from where. I hear google analytics is all the rage these days. :)