Friday, July 24, 2009

100 days of Art

So- I am guessing anyone who reads this will know what's up with me and my art and such but just in case here is my dealio. I have an online shop to sell my art @

so go check it out. In case you don't know what etsy is it is an online community of artists and makers of homemade goods where people can set up shops. It is like a virtual craft fair but the stuff there is WAY cooler than your average craft fair.You can find anything there from your wedding dress[]=tags&includes[]=title to a jason stuffed pillow Etsy is pretty freaking awesome, basically.

So I am really trying to develop my art etc. right now. Yesterday I met some fellow etsians in fort worth and it was awesome. ( will post their shops at the bottom). After talking to them and then looking at their shops I realized I was like a baby etsian but I gleaned a lot of knowledge from them. My main issue, I realized, is that I currently have very little inventory. At first I tried to paint a couple of paintings and I thought I would just sit back and wait for the print orders to roll in. That definitely did not happen. So now I really want to get my shop fully stocked with paintings. The plan is to sell originals for awhile and once I have more capital start sellling prints. With more inventory I can also go to craft fairs ( can you say fort worth arts festival! can you say dream goal) and such and I will really feel proud of my shop and able to spread my name around on other sites.

That concept led me to my 100 days of Art idea. My goal is to paint a new painting 100 days in a row- ok not in a row non stop but at least in a short period of time -to definitely work towards 100. I really think I can do it to because I am pretty persistent and each new painting I paint makes me think of a new series of paintings I could do. I am guessing I can have 100 by teh end of the year. What do you think?

I am considering blogging about each. Would anyone want to see that? Right now I have three main series Iwant to work on which are the jennylynn jones series,the ballet series, and the rock n roll series. I will divulge more later in order to finish this blog up but stay tuned.

These are the wonderful ladies I met last night

also- we met at this really sweet coffee shop right next to the rainbow lounge called the gallery art cafe- I am all about supporting local so go check them out instead of starbucks - it was a great meal-

BTW I am a totally new blogger so forgive me for my posts not being pretty yet ( cossing my fingers on that yet part)

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  1. I want to see you blog about all the series. That is a great idea! :)

    Can't wait to see more.