Saturday, January 16, 2010

Confessions of an insomniac

So I am wide awake at 5 am and I have no idea why. Well actually I do A)I drank a cup of coffee at midnight B)I slept through most of the middle of yesterday because my husband and kids and I all caught some hellish bug which caused us all to hurl and me to get hurled on TWICE!WOOO motherhood. So anyway now I am awake. I was all stoked to do laundry until the crack of dawn but it just didn't happen. Instead I have mostly been drooling over Etsy sellers I want to be like. There are so many people whose stuff is so amazing and it drives me insane because I feel like my level of awesome could be there too like it's bubbling under the surface but my lack of time or patience or focus or discipline is making it not happen. Ok and maybe because I don't have an art degree. Probably not that. Well anyway I am super ready for the genius idea to hit me. Of course I guess in theory I have come a long way since when I first started right! Ok so I am totally picturing myself standing in front of the big glass window like that dude in "Real Genius" waiting for the awesomeness to hit,except I don't want my house to fill up with popcorn. Although my kids do really love popcorn.

Oh also- The freaking Renegade craft fair is coming to Austin!!! wooo. My bff-who shall remain unnamed-randomly texted me about it and then I heard a choir sing and angels flew around me. I do not in any way feel I have anything to sell at a fair like that but I WANT TO SO BAD! Someday I suppose. business goals?

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